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Process and store shapefiles and raster files on your local PC for use with Wolf-GIS on your smart phone or tablet. Available Now!
Work efficiently and measure accurately with Improved Yields, Reduced Risk, Faster Preparation, and more detailed land information.
WolfGIS can help you find land details such as area, perimeter, and detailed parcel information wherever you are.
WolfGIS can help you calculate yields, locate boundaries, and track production.
WolfGIS can help you find detailed land information and public records in minutes.

Land Information - Anytime, Anywhere.

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Download Wolf-GIS 1.0.69 for Android

Tested and verified up to and including iOS 9. For complete device compatibility, please visit our Device Compatibility Page.


Merging the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with smart phones and tablets, Wolf-GIS simplifies processes and increases profits in every imaginable land-based activity.  Our patented Tract-Lock technology ensures property boundary awareness, a critical factor in most settings.The Wolf-Tek team works every day to evolve the application, using more of our patented technologies to multiply its value and effectiveness.

From the office to the field, you'll be amazed at the power Wolf-GIS puts in your hands.

Using Wolf-Connect or Wolf-Direct with the Wolf-GIS smart phone application requires a Wolf-GIS subscription.

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Wolf-GIS puts the data you need right in your smart phone or tablet.

Where you need it. When you need it. Wolf-GIS.


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